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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-31 22:43:00 UTC
Subject: Digestive problems in WS ferrets

>To anybody that can answer this question,
>Just what kind of digestive problems am I looking at with my panda? And how
>do I go about treating him? We know it's not something contagious, but he's
>getting worse with lots of mucus with different colors. He's going to be
>treated by the vet, but I could use some ideas of what medication would be
>the most helpful.
>Thank you in advance.

Wish I knew. Lee, who is a molecular geneticist, found studies that
indicated intestinal alterations in some mammals with WS; whether
those extend to ferrets to WS isn't something that has been studied
as far as I know -- though I think that someone might have mentioned
noticing something in the Ferret Genetics List, and I don't know the
particulars of alterations found in the studies that were done. If I
get time I will try to track done such studies, but honestly, with
Jumpstart just being just recently out of surgery, not all of Dad's
marrow results being in, yet, and Uncle Frank being in the hospital
on his last legs, on top of normal life I simply can not promise to
have time.