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From: Larry McFarlane
Date: 2001-02-25 20:07:00 UTC
Subject: Suzy

Good evening group.

Have a question, hope you can help.

A week ago today my little Suzy acted like she was limping.
She'd been accidentally 'almost stepped' on by my husband a
week and a half before, but he'd caught her right shoulder,
this is in her right hind leg. I thought perhaps it was
because she likes to climb so much that maybe she'd fallen and
hurt herself. We watched her for a couple of days and it
didn't quit. I don't think what I'm going to describe stems
from that.

Wednesday I took her into the vet clinic and her normal vet
saw her. She thought perhaps Suzy had torn a tendon-her right
hock seemed 'dropped' but she asked if it would be all right
to have one of the ortho vets look at her. I agreed and she
went in Wednesday evening to see the ortho people.

This vet examined her thoroughly, even laid down on the floor
to watch her walk. I don't think even I get that thorough of
an exam when I have a problem! After examining her I asked
him what he thought, and he said he had two things running
through his mind, but asked that I bring her in Monday
(tomorrow) for x-rays before he said anything. So she's going
in tomorrow. He thanked me for bringing her in-said they
didn't get to see many lame ferrets. He also said it seemed
like both back legs are affected, the right possible more than
the left.

Now my question is-has anyone had anything like this happen to
their ferrets? I got a little worried with his remark "We
don't see many lame ferrets"! Sort of the bells and alarms
going off, you know? I want to make sure she's given the best
treatment, but also don't want any unnecessary surgery being
done. If anyone can give me a hint of this, or what to
expect, I'd truly appreciate it. Dr. Williams-if you see this
and can help, please do.

A silly question in the back of my mind-are ferrets 'looser'
in the hind end from when they were hunters, and the vet
doesn't realize it?

Thanks-I'll be checking the e-mail off and on this evening,
and early in the morning.

Rebecca & the Crew of Merry Mayhem
"Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou art
crunchy, and taste good with ketchup"