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Date: 2001-03-31 18:09:00 UTC
Subject: urinating blood after stuck in chair

Socks, my deaf blaze, got stuck between two parts of a chair for about a
minute. Caught him around the middle of him. He squeeled, and I ran to
investigate. Moving the chair -a very expensive vibrating, heating,
massaging recliner I do not sit in unless all ferrets are in cages--made him
cry out.

So I quickly moved the chair leg support area back, and Socks was easily
pulled out. He can walk, run, and be handled without any apparent pain. But
he has urinated a light red urine twice now in the last four hours. No
apparent pain on urination, and he just ate without a problem. I have him in
a sick cage for observation. If he is still urinating blood tomorrow-what
would a vet do for him at emergency vets office?

Thank you