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From: Valkyrie
Date: 2001-04-01 00:03:00 UTC
Subject: Titers *was* distemper vaccination Q

On 31 Mar 01, at 21:49, Public Relations wrote:
> Titers can be done on ferrets-
> We know several vets who will run titers especially if the ferret is
> reaction prone!

(I'm embarassed to say, but I forgot what the original question was
so I'm just going to follow up with the titer subject)
I'm in the minority again, I'm sure....I am deadset against over
vaccination and believe that regardless of a possible reaction to
vaccination any animal that is expected to recieve yearly
vaccinations should be titered first.
JMHO :-)

--Valk (MinatoNeshoba@i...)
"Health is a journey, not a destination" - Deepak Chopra