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From: Valkyrie
Date: 2001-04-01 00:03:00 UTC
Subject: Holistic ferrets

I'm wondering if there are any "holistic" ferrets on this list? Ferrets
that are treated by a holistic veterinarian, possibly uses
supplements, treated disease holistically, have raised their ferret(s)
on a natural diet and any other natural or holistic treatment.
If you are this type of ferret owner, I'd like to hear about your
experiences. Even if you've only tried something once, even if you
felt it was a negative experience, I'd honestly like to hear about it.
Thanks in advance!

--Valk (MinatoNeshoba@i...)
We all believe what we WANT to believe, that does
NOT make it FACT.
"You only see what you look for, you recognize
only what you know." ---Merril C. Sosman