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Date: 2001-03-31 20:13:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Question for vets re: Aleutian
disease symptoms

Hi Judy,
The urine results are easy to answer.
Normal ph should be 5 to 6. A ph of 7.8
is high, and may cause urine tract problems
such as crystals, blockages, bladder stones, etc.
This high ph may be do to an urease produce
bacterial infection of the urinary tract. A complete
urine test should be done looking for bacteria, or
a culture/sensitivity test to search for bacteria, or
treat with a broad spectrum antibiotic (i.e., Clavamox drops,
Cefa drops, Baytril, Amoxi drops, Trimeth/Sulfa, etc.) to treat
a likely bacterial infection. Then recheck the urinary ph after
with the antibiotic. Specific gravity of 1.030 is good.
This means the kidneys are still concentrating the urine.

Now for the hard questions. We just do not know all the answers
about AD. Small stools with chronic wasting are likely to be
from AD. Small stools that are black, tarry like are likely to be
from AD. On the other hand if they are not eating much then they
simply will not be producing much stool either. As you know, the
options for treating AD currently are pred, broad spectrum
and supportive care.
Good Luck,
Jerry Murray, DVM