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From: Jackie DeCarlo
Date: 2001-04-01 01:47:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Holistic ferrets

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> I'm wondering if there are any "holistic" ferrets on this list?
> on a natural diet and any other natural or holistic treatment.

Thanks for bringing this up..I have been meaning to discuss what
people feel concerning alternative treatments when all other
treatment cannot be used...I have posted on a couple of groups
telling what alternative treatment I had done when my Taz was
diagnose with Lymphoma and they only gave her 2 months to live...I
couldn't accept that and researched, asked for advise, etc till I
came up with this treatment plan...with the help of our local shelter
who also uses the essiac and going to the website that explains it I
couldn't not use it...It has made a firm believer out of me who NEVER
believed in this stuff...below is what I had posted concerning this:


My Taz also had Lymphoma and her treatment plan was Prednisone and
Rene Caisse Herbal formula... I never believed in herbal medicine
before but after looking at other methods of treatment for Lymphoma,
I opted for first my vet only gave her a couple of months
so when I took her back after a month to get a refill on her meds I
then broke the news what I was doing (giving her the essiac)...I
think he was just humoring me when he said "go ahead, what will it
hurt" and since there were no harmful ingredients that would affect
the Pred he had no problem. I gave him the paper describing what it
is and what it does but he only put it in her files. Now, when she
kept coming back in great condition he took another look at the
essiac and had a different outlook.. After 6 months he took a biopsy
of a lymph node (he was the second opinion vet) just to make sure she
still had the cancer because of the great condition she was
was still there but it seemed to have been been arrested..Now he was
amazed and said not to stop using it.. After a year of this he was
now recommending it to other owners of fuzzies who had cancers. (The
essiac does not work with adrenal nor ferrets with Insulinoma's.) Now
mind you she was on a high dose of Prednisone and the essiac..It
could be her Lymphoma was diagnosed early and the combination of Pred
and essiac was more effective, we do not know..he would of liked to
have done a study with this but a lot of Lymphoma symptoms are
diagnosed late so he could not do a comparison..After all said, Taz
lived 16 months on this treatment...14 months more than he expected..
(his longest living Lymphoma patient only lived 6 months after being
diagnosed). So, he is a believer and so am I... Oh, Taz was diagnosed
at 5.5 yrs and was almost 7 when she passed away...

I hope there can be more discussions on this because I would be
really interested in hearing other ideas on this..I have added the
website of the Essiac in case anyone is interested in reading up on

Jackie Peanut, Bandit and still missing Taz