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From: Gail Sherman Reilly
Date: 2001-04-01 02:36:00 UTC
Subject: Ingested pencil eraser

First, as an FML defector, I would like to thank Dr. Williams and all the
other vets for their invaluable help on this list. My problem is as
follows. I stupidly left a mechanical pencil with an eraser lying around
Thursday night, and Friday morning discovered about of third of the eraser
had been chewed off. I immediately suspected Bandit was the culprit, as he
has always been the only one to take any interest in erasers (and remote
control buttons, and anything else he shouldn't eat.) I examined his stool,
and sure enough, found little pink eraser bits. He has been on a steady
ferretlax dose since the incident. His stool seems somewhat normal, keeping
in mind the ferretlax, and the fact that none of my guys have had completely
normal stools since a bout of ECE when Bandit first arrived, and a
recurrence last August when I added Taz to the mix. His behavior has been
absolutely unchanged. He is bouncy and energetic. At what point can I
assume he is out of the woods? The eraser is in such little bits, it's very
hard to tell how much has passed, and how much is still in him.

Thanks in advance,