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Date: 2001-04-01 08:22:00 UTC

Hi Kristy,
Have you tried mixing a little of the AD
in with the Gerbers baby food? I use
the usual mix of one can AD to l jar
Gerbers plus I add pet tinic and ferret
zymes to the batch of food and very
finely ground up dry kibble for added
bulk which also helps the ferret poopies
be more formed...I have found that if
you start off with a mix with more of what
they like and a little of what they don't you
can gradually increase over period of time
until you get the right mix....maybe you could add just a tsp or so of
the AD at
first....Since it won't hold but just soo long
I also take icecube tray and freeze into
little batches and freeze in ziploc bag.
Then just take out what you need. I have
several friends that have had to maintain
their fuzzies on the duck soup mix for a
long time ...two have had their fuzzies
on it for 1-2 years. Good luck with you
For the fuzzies
Joyce and the 6 weasels