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Date: 2001-04-01 07:58:00 UTC
Subject: ECE/ Low Blood Sugar-Questions

Sorry, this is my second post, don't know if the first one was received or
just haven't had enough time to respond.

Dr. Williams & Anyone that has advice:

Thank you Dr. Williams for answering my questions related to Bandit's health.
I do have a few more questions regarding Bandit's new and old health

1) You suggested having Bandit's blood glucose done again to see if it still
came up low (last reading 62)- I plan on doing so but wonder how the pred
that he's taking will effect the reading?? Once again he's on a low dose .50
ml 2x a day.

2) I decided to go with the pepcid because I have not seen a difference using
the carafate. I am crushing a 10mg tablet and suspending it in 10ml of water
and giving .25-.30ml (1-2x) a day. I believe I read somewhere that was the
proper dosage, can you comment?

3) I noticed Bandit's tail feels bony like a spine would feel and he looks
like he's very narrow (a sunken in look) around his hips he also looks like
he's loss muscle tone- but he is about 5 years old now and has had adrenal
glands removed, I think some of his muscle loss can be attributed to the
surgery and age?? True or False? How can you tell if there is true muscle
loss, specific test? When should you become concerned?

4) I cannot tell if Bandit is dehydrated-his gums feel normal but the scruff
on his neck takes a minute or so before it completely snaps back. I feed him
babyfood (4x) a day and add water to it but I wonder if he's getting enough
food and water. I don't know what kind of food to leave down for him while
I'm at work, I know you said to stay away from the kibble-because of the ECE
what can I leave for him while I'm at work??

5) Lastly, I just discovered that Bandit is probably blind! When I let the
new kit out he can't locate him by sight only by scent and he's been bumping
into things and startles more easily. I asked my vet to do a retinal exam
and she said you really can't tell with ferrets and there was nothing I could
do. Is there a test that can be performed and is it possible because he's
been on babyfood for so long that he was missing certain nutrients which
caused him to go blind? Is there anything I can do for his condition as far
as nutrients or making things easier for him to find his food ect. (If anyone
has a blind ferret could you please e-mail me directly)

6) The vet said Bandit's Blood Chemistry was within normal values except his
Hemacretin was 59.5%
and his sodium was 1.34 and his potassium was 4.4 could you comment on these
values and tell me what you think they could mean?

Lastly if anyone out there has any suggestions on helping Bandit get along
with the new kit. Right now when he gets a whiff of him he chases him and
starts biting him when he catches him and the baby kit I have to
keep them separated. The whole reason I got the little guy was to keep
Bandit company!!

Thank you Dr. Williams and to everyone for you're great advice on how to care
and cope with Bandit's ECE.