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Date: 2001-04-01 08:29:00 UTC
Subject: Big bottoms, my boy's got em!

Hi, my Toady is here finally and he is so gorgious and such a good boy. When
I take my others in for shots I'm planning on taking Toady to introduce to
the vet and perhaps have a well check up.
I want to also show the vet something... and was going to ask for some ideas
for when I go to see him.
See Toady has a large anus. As in wide, and as in when he is stimulated or
pushes it protrudes a great, great deal. I can see a lot of dark pink/or red
and such comming out (internal skin). He has always had a large bottom,,,,
and has always been healthy as a horse. So this may be just the way he was
born or is, and is fine. I was also looking at his poops which are very very
skinny. He poops a good amount and poops frequently...all normal its just
very skinny compared to what I"m used to (Toady is a big boy).
I don't want the vet to charge us an arm and a leg for this and that and the
other thing, poke and prod a ferret that has been through a great ordeal in
his life all in efforts to "make sure" all is ok. I don't need that, and
neither does Toady. I guess what I'm asking... is can this all be normal
for him? If not... what are ideas on most likely things. I'm thinking
prolapsed rectem for whatever reasons (but I dont know if there would be any
symptoms with this), and I'm thinking maybe a blockage (but gosh he seems to
go a bunch and frequently plus eats like a horse for that).


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