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From: Valkyrie
Date: 2001-04-01 14:57:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Titers

On 1 Apr 2001, at 8:13, katharine wrote:

> This is a good point that I haven't really thought about. Why don't
> we run titers first? Is it that the vaccinations are so cheap, why
> bother?
Much of it is the brainwashing that has taken place not only on us
but on the veterinarians. There are several books and even some
websites that talk about this.
Yes, titers are expensive, but isn't it worth knowing that you aren't
over vaccinating your pet? Why vaccinate when you don't need to.
There's been a lot of controversy over this subject and in the world
of the canine and feline a significant amount of people,
veterinarians included (Martin Goldstein, DVM., Richard Pitcairn
DVM and Jean Dodds DVM, just to name a few) are doing their
level best to push for more titers:less vaccinations.

Is it because most animals would still require the
> vaccinations?
No, it's because it's a significant amount of income being filtered off
and the lack of official significant study by unbiased companies
that won't stand to lose a lot by finding out the truth. ;-)
However, if people titered and if the vets suggested titers instead of
vaccinations the income would be not only replaced but
increased...for the vet...definately not the drug co's producing

Is it because we don't want to make two trips, one for
> the titer, one for the inevitable vaccination?
By your question of "inevitable vaccination" goes to prove my point.
You've already got it in your mind that the vaccination is going to
be needed. You'd be surprised.
I can't see how it would be different in ferrets considering that it's
been evident that humans, dogs and cats have shown successfully
that yearly vaccinations is not necessary. BUT....I'd not ASSUME
I'd titer.
I'd even titer for rabies before I vaccinated.

Maybe over-vaccination
> is why we see so many reactions later on (build-up).
That's a possibility and maybe it's also a reason for other health
issues as well....just like it is in dogs, cats and humans.

Suggested reading:
The Nature of Animal Healing-Martin Goldstein, DVM

I'd suggest others but the titles have "dog" and/or "cat" in the main
title. ;-)

Websites that may be of interest (keep in mind these are aimed at
the other two popular pets...but I consider it valid towards ferrets):

*calmly putting a few more logs on the fire*

--Valk (MinatoNeshoba@i...)
"Health is a journey, not a destination" - Deepak Chopra