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Date: 2001-04-01 16:45:00 UTC
Subject: For Ms. DeCarlo..Dr Williams

Just read your very interesting post about using Essiac for
cancers.Would you mind going further with this discussion? I would like
to know how it is dispensed,where do you purchase it,how much,how
often,how much pred,etc...
Dr Williams,please do not think I am going "crazy" but I have already
purchased the laitryl (another alternative,tho illegal in the US) in
"case" Bruiser ends up with cancer......
ALSO,is this just for lymphoma? We are possibly looking at some kind of
facial tumor (praying EVERYDAY that it is benign) ...Even Dr W will
admit (huh!!) that when any animal has been given a "Death
sentence"...what can it hurt??
Dr Williams,I would love to hear "your take" on this Holistic approach
of Essiac (I know how you feel about Laitryl) I thought it kinda "funny"
when you mentioned "finally telling the Vet what you were doing"...I
tend to operate my families future,the same way.I educate myself to my
max and "go from there".....praying the whole way that I have made a
proper,helpful decision....I just feel that "pulling out the stops" is
your ONLY choice,once a beloved family member (be it human OR animal)
has been told they have no time....Thank you very much,I will be looking
forward to ALL responses (anyone) on this issue!Very fascinating...