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From: Dr. Bruce Williams
Date: 2001-02-25 19:38:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Question for Dr. Williams

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., dbooras@h... wrote:
> Dr. Williams,
> So glad to know we can still seek your expert guidance!
> I posted earlier about a little one with possible foot fungus (Post
> 170) with an attached photo. Could you comment on whether or not
> you've seen this condition before, and if so, any helpful info I
> pass along to my vet as she is not a "ferret expert," but is very
> willing to learn.

Dear Donna:

I think I'll have to ponder on this one for a little while. It seems
to me that I have seen a case or two, but I can't remember the
specifics. Let me do a little research - but I guarantee that
whatever I might come up with will certainly not fit into the "tried
and true" category. This one will be definitely "off-label"

More later,

Bruce Williams, DVM