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Date: 2001-04-01 19:19:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Gerber baby food vs "duck soup"


Thanks to everyone who answered my post. I appreciate all the

To Bob C who wrote:

"As for the long term effects of feeding baby chicken as the primary
food, well, I hate to be blunt, but if the ferret is terminal, it
doesn't matter, and if the ferret recovers, you can put it on a better
food and it still doesn't matter."

I appreciate your bluntness. Actually I think your statement puts
things into perspective for me. My ferret is 7 years old. She has a
very sweet and gentle disposition and has led a very pampered and
very good life. Frankly, by comparison, the treatments for
insulinoma seem like cruel and unusual punishment. At this point,
she has lived to be a respectable age and I don't think it would be
right to sacrifice quality of life for longevity. She will most
likely die from the insulinoma and spending the last years of her
life being force fed food she hates is not in her best interests.
Thankfully, everyone that posted seemed to agree that I could keep
her on the Gerber baby food. (For those who might misinterpret this
as saying I won't treat the insulinoma, don't worry, at this point
giving her the pediapred is not all that traumatic, and if her vet
wants to do surgery, I will do it--she just underwent adrenal surgery
last year without any complications.)

I do need to go back over some of the previous posts. I think
someone mentioned alternative ways of getting blood samples for
measuring glucose other than clipping the toenails too short, which
is really cruel in my opinion and my poor ferret had to undergo that.
(She squealed. She hasn't squealed since she got her foot caught in
a closing door.)

Which brings me to another point. There are tons of great info in
these posts. I think, if possible, if the titles of the posts could
reflect the content a bit better, it might be easier for people like
me who want to try to go back and find a some info on a topic that
was already covered.

Thanks again,