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Date: 2001-04-01 20:30:00 UTC
Subject: Low blood sugar but no physical signs

I have a 7+ year old ferret with adrenal disease. Last month when I
took him in to have a Lupron shot, the vet checked blood sugar level
and told me it was 21. Since he had not been eating well for the
past week, I figured that may have been the reason. He hasn't really
shown any signs of insulinoma. We started him on prednisone .35 mL
twice a day. About 10 days later, his hair started growing back, and
he was a little more playful. I figured it was due to the Lupron
reversing some of the symptoms and he was feeling better. At the
next visit to the vet (a month later) for a check-up we had to wait
about a half an hour in the room for the vet. I let Bandit out to
run around, and he actively ran around, checking out every corner of
that room. The vet came in, and did another blood sugar test (I
don't know how long it had been since he ate, at least two hours) and
this time the blood sugar level was even lower - too low to show up
on the tester. Now, last time I had a ferret there that had a test in
that range, she was in a coma. How can my active little ferret have
such a blood sugar result and still be standing, let alone running
around? Do you think his machine is wrong, or do some ferrets just
handle lower blood sugar levels better? I would at least expect to
see some weakness in his hind legs, but nothing - he's running around
chasing me, climbing up on the sofa without problems. I just don't

The vet told me to start giving sugar twice a day - so I give
nutrical, about 1/3 inch, twice a day. Do you have any other
suggestions for me? He's also back to not eating regular food, so
I'm back to waking him to eat warmed mushy food at least 3 times a

Thanks for any advice!