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From: Sue M.
Date: 2001-04-02 01:47:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Titers

Yup, needs to be researched, and owners and their vets need to
start convincing officials that it DOES apply to ferrets like any other

> That is true. There is also something called a rabies waiver that
> *some* states, counties, cities...accept in leiu of a rabies shot.
> Usually done when titers are ran or the animal is too sick to recieve
> one...look on the material, it says it should only be used on a
> healthy animal. I don't know if *ANY* of it would apply to
> ferrets....all I am *trying* to say is that it is something that
> should be looked into and something that should be researched.

Ack, I misread (was reading quickly), my apologies! I hear from
other people in other venues vehamant complaints about "how
much vets charge" without any consideration to reality. Vets are
an amazing group of people, and especially out here in rural areas
do so very much for relatively little. I wanted to be a vet when I was
a kid, but decided I didn't like people well enough to be able to deal
with them as well *L*. I worked for my vet for a short time (she
misses me, but I'm disabled with a severe illness and the drive was
an hour one way...two hours or more now *sigh*) and it was
certainly something I enjoyed, never a dull moment.

> Actually, I wasn't even close to saying that. In the emergency
> animal hospital that worked at this was a topic of discussion.

<snipped> about just *adding* research? what's one more field eh?

So we start with needing to know effective titers...well, the vaccines
work, so would the place the start is what the titers are during that
year? doesn't give a minimum, but it gives us *something*...and
then see how long *that* level lasts?

> YES!! Whoo-hoo! That's exactly right...but they've been pushed about
> quite sometime and they have their heels dug in deep! Supply and
> and demand. Hmmm....maybe I should go into research
> instead of nutrition and holisitic med. ~ponders~ TTFN

I need to do my own research, on how much it costs to get titers
done around here. Need to call the vet tomorrow anyway, hmm.
We'll see what I remember to ask about *L*

Sue M.