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Date: 2001-04-01 22:13:00 UTC
Subject: pepto vs pepcid for GI problems question

I have a ferret who had adrenal, liver and pancreatic surgery March 22. In the past week, has started developing possible GI problems. He's running around fairly well, but is not able to eat regular kibble or his favorite, rotisserie chicken. One grinder down, and I was able to make Bob's chicken gravy for him, which he's eating like there's no tomorrow, as long as it's watered down adequately. each time he eats though, he's running around rubbing his face all over the carpeting for 5-10 minutes. no vomiting, no teeth grinding, but has developed bird seed poops over the past 2 days.

i emailed the surgeon, he emailed back a response to start pepto 1/4 tab qd or carafate. since carafate is a script, i wanted to start him on pepto. i can't find any pepto in tablet form at the local pharmacy. could this perhaps be pepcid, not pepto?? i saved the email and confirmed it said pepto. i really need to know what to do asap, because he's miserable. i think the bird seed poop is probably from the stress of his GI tract problem. volume and diameter are wnl's for this boy. surgeon checked for hairballs during surgery and found none. i have a call in to the dr's office, but it may take awhile for me to get a response.

there's a 24 hour pharmacy here, so i can run out if anyone can tell me what to get.