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From: Micaela
Date: 2001-02-25 13:58:00 UTC
Subject: Bones - Dr Williams

I'm going to call the vet first thing in the morning.
I posted earlier with the subject foam on mouth & weak hind legs.
Bones is getting worse, he is passing bloody looking stools.
he will not eat, except the little bits I get in his mouth, (of
gerber chicken, pedialyte, ferretone & nutrical (a little of each of
fertone & nutr. )Which I have been feeding him as much as he will eat
every hour.he will drink water through the syringe.
I put honey on his gums, but he didnt seem any better .
He is not walking at all. He isnt even trying to get up to go to
the bathroom. And like I said his stools are now looking bloody.
Thank you to those who replied to my post earlier.
Dr. Williams, my vet is not totally ferret knowledgeable,
And I would like any info to give him I can. Bones is eight years old
i forgot to mention in my earlier post that we have been through ECE
here about a yr ago, too. Along with Bones 2 Bladder stone surgeries.
Today is the first day I have seen these symtoms. He had weakness
of the hind legs, now he isnt even trying to move. He was sneezing
this morning, & when I found him at first today he had foam around
his mouth. he isnt getting up to go the bathroom, But now Im really
scared because his stools are bloody looking.
Thank you all again,
worrying about my Bones