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From: samantha dear
Date: 2001-04-01 22:43:00 UTC
Subject: vaginitis?

Hi all!

About 5-6 months ago, I rescued a little albino girl. The
woman who gave her to me said she was about 7 months old and she got
her at a HORSE auction, where she paid 25 dollars for her to ensure
the auction holders didnt kill the poor girl. Finally Ive managed to
nurse her into trusting people, and its been a long but rewarding
road from the scared nip-and-run kit to the affectionate-at-times
girl i have now. Anywho, she was not spayed at the time I recieved
her (where did this poor girl coem from anyway!!!??!) so I took her
to be spayed, and about 2 weeks later, noticed an orangish vaginal
Worried I took her back to the vet, fearing pyometra or
another infection from the spay, adn was told that they werent
completely positve, but they "figured it had to be" either vaginitis
or stump pyrometra, and she was promptly put on antibiotic bid for 2
The infection seemed to clear up nearing the end of the
medicinal rounds, but then, following about a week after, I noticed
the discharge again, and knew it was time for another vet trip. I
wasnt really satisfied with the current vets knowledge concernign
the little buggers, so I took her to another vet, who seemed to be
more knowledgeable, thank goodness.
She said that though more rare in ferrets, Rosebud most likely
had vaginitis, because she had no fever or other symptoms that would
most likely be present in stump pyrometra, and she had a perfect
physical other than the discharge. She said a major problem of
vaginitis is that though not that serious, it is tough and it is
common to see it treated only to return righ tback again. She gave
me three options: we could try another kind of antibiotic, see if
the infection was more susceptible to that, or if i felt the need,
do blood work to make sure theinfection was localized (and not
systemic), or even if I wanted, do exploratory to se whats going on
in there.
I decided upon another round of antibiotics, this time an
injectable given orally, but now, the round has gone through to no
avail, still the infection rages on.
So finally, the question at hand, what should I do about this?
Has anyone had this problem with their little ones? She eats,
drinks, and poops just fine, normal behavior, but still I hate to
have any kind of infection in my little fuzzies. Any advice out
there? Thanks a lot.
Worried sick, as usual: Sam and her awesome pawsome

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