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From: Erin Simkins
Date: 2001-04-02 11:32:00 UTC
Subject: More Questions about kidney failure

I know I brought up the question before about renal failure and when
do you know if your ferret is dying, ect. Now I have another
question about kidney failure. Let me preface with the background
story and blood test results...

Mondo, my MF boy who has the kidney problems, is going into renal
failure. He looks good and is acting okay but his BUN and creatinine
levels are getting higher and higher. It all started back on March
20th when he wasn't acting right. I took him to the vet and he was
suffering from low blood sugar. He's now on 0.3 ccs of pedia-pred
and is maintaining his BG levels. For 4 days, he didn't eat or drink
so I was giving him sub-Q fluids at home and duck soup feedings too.
Now, He nibbles at his kibble so I've been supplementing him with
duck soup. He's skinny as is. He's on 0.5 ccs of carafate to combat
the grinding and I think that really helps him.

This Saturday, March 31st, I took him to a very good vet whom I have
full faith in (a vet also on this list) and she ran another BUN and
creatinine reading. His levels have increased more. This is how his
latest blood tests look:

Levels on Dec 27th, 2000 (before adrenal surgery) -
BUN = 28.6 mg/dl
CREATININE = 0.53 mg/dl

Levels on March 20th -
BUN = 37.1 mg/dl
CREATININE = 1.2 mg/dl

Levels on March 31st -
BUN = 63.1 mg/dl
CREATININE = 1.46 mg/dl

With the understanding that normal BUN levels should not go above 35
and normal creatinine levels should be around 0.5, is there anyway to
tell how much longer I have? Is there a number at which things stop
functioning? Dr. XXXXX suggested that I start him on sub-Q everyday,
so I have. Mondo is such a sweet ferret and is so good about letting
me stick him with the needles. I live alone so there is no one else
to scruff while I inject the fluids. He holds so still...

I don't want to lose him but I know the inevitable. We've really
been enjoying the quality time left. I pulled my mattress into the
living room and I sleep with him right next to me (free roam) all
night. I fell asleep with his head in my hand last night. I dreamt
that I had lost him though and woke up to make sure he was still with
me. He gave me that funny, "Quit poking me, I'm awake" look. It's
so frustrating not being able to do more for him, to fix all his boo-

Thanks for any insight you guys can give me. My vet was very kind
and helpful, guess I'm just reaching out for more insight.

Many thanks & many tears,