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Date: 2001-04-02 11:23:00 UTC
Subject: Furballs

The discussion of furballs is very interesting. Just last week I
found a
strange feces in my boys poop box. It was long like a regular feces
kinda greenish, and the texture looked strange. So of course I had
to dissect
it (much to the disgust of my boyfriend). I dont have a microscope
but I
could see that it was only part hair, the rest were strange fuzzy
Almost the entire thing consisted of these fibers. I have the top
level of my
cage lined with carpet, and Raider likes to take his food to bed
with him and
eat it on the carpet, as well as eat it in the fleece lined hammock.
fibers are consistent with those I have found in my vacuum cleaner.
So it
looks as though I will be getting linoleum for their cage.

Also for those of you who dont have carpet in your cage but in your
room, my boys love to take food from the cage and hide it under the
bed. Then
later they go back and snack on it, so I fear they are also picking
up the
fibers from under the bed as well. This is definitely a problem
discussing, with the amount of fuzz in the feces I can just imagine
how much
might be stuck in his little body!

Time to lube up good:)

Squeak & Raider