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From: Julie Fossa
Date: 2001-02-25 14:18:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Medications

Dr. Williams, I want to take this opportunity to thank
you for all you do, and for being a part of this list!

When Mr. Molly was still having problems after
starting on the furosemide and Digoxin, I asked if we
could add Enacard. He felt it would be ok, and called
the prescription in to the compounding pharmacy, which
does a lot of our prescriptions for the shelter.
The product is called Enalapril 0.25MG/0.1 ML VET SU

It was dispensed on 12/04/00 and has a discard after
date of 03/04/01.

I figured it was 'Enacard', but possibly a different
pharmaceutical company.

We started him on 0.1 ml every 48 hours, but have
since cut him back to 0.05 ml every 48 hours.

If you would like the contact information of the
compounding pharmacy, let me know.

--- "Dr. Bruce Williams" <williams@e...>
> > I have a 5.5 year old, Mr. Molly, on the
> furosemide
> > and Enacard. Is the theophylline similar to
> digoxin?
> > The furosemide could be shipped, but since the
> Enacard
> > should be refrigerated (at least my liquid form
> is),
> > and is only good for about 6 months -if I remember
> > right- it might not be worth what it would cost to
> > ship, and may be outdated soon after I would start
> to
> > use it. There may be someone else that will need
> an
> > Enacard refill, sooner than I.
> Theophylline is a prolonged release bronchodilator,
> which is
> occasionally used in ferrets with cardiomyopathy
> resulting in left
> heart failure and chronic lung disease. I have not
> used it much in
> CMP, but have had some success with it in ferrets
> with bronchitis.
> I need to get some more information on liquid
> Enacard. This drug is
> sold in tablet form, and the last time I checked,
> compounded liquid
> formulations were only good for 24 hours. Did you
> have yours
> compounded at a pharmacy, or is there a new
> formulation on the market?
> With kindest regards,
> Bruce H. Williams, DVM
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