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From: Brett Middleton
Date: 2001-04-02 16:04:00 UTC
Subject: Re: pepto vs pepcid for GI problems question

dbrn2@a... wrote:
> i emailed the surgeon, he emailed back a response to start pepto 1/4
> tab qd or carafate. since carafate is a script, i wanted to start
> him on pepto. i can't find any pepto in tablet form at the local
> pharmacy.

Pepto-Bismol comes in chewable tablets as well as liquid. The tablets
contain 262 mg, which is the same amount found in 15 ml (1 tablespoon)
of the regular-strength liquid Pepto. So 1/4 tab would be 65.5 mg, or
the same as 3.75 ml of the liquid. Someone else may correct me, but I
think you'd be fine giving 1 ml of the liquid four times a day.


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