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Date: 2001-02-25 15:38:00 UTC
Subject: New to list & message for Bruce Williams


I just joined and think this list is a wonderful idea. I am SO happy
to see a "safe" place for Dr. Williams to be. I hope he will feel
very comfortable here.

My name is Judy. I have 7 ADV positive ferrets, with another on the
way here next weekend. This will be the 4th I've taken in since my
ferrets tested positive for Aleutian disease virus.

I see some people are members who I already know, so I'll just
say "hi friends" to those people, and hello to those I don't know yet.

Dr. Williams...welcome. BTW, did you get the voice mail message I
left for you last week? There are some tissue samples on the way to
you from one of my ADV negative babies that died. :( Since her
liver and pancreas were in pretty bad shape, I was hoping you would
make sure she hadn't converted to sereopositive.

Since this list is about ferret health, please visit White Russian's
ADV Web Page to learn more about this terrible disease that is
killing our ferrets at: