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Date: 2001-04-02 17:21:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Adrenal/insulinoma in other

Hi Chris,
I have some husbandry questions for you. At what age are the
ferrets spayed/neutered in England? Are most of them still
kept outside (natural photoperiods) or are they being kept indoors
(long photoperiods) most of the time now. I believe early spaying/
and keeping them indoors (under long day photoperiods) is a big part
of the
adrenal gland problem here.
I also believe the diet we feed here in the US
with a high carbohydrate level (especially rice) is a major part of

of the insulinoma problem, so what do the folks in England feed
their ferrets
(dry kibble or whole prey)?
It is interesting to compare what other countries are doing, so I
you can fill us in on what they do in England. Likewise I hope
can fill us in on what they do in Australia. Plus Deb can fill us in
what people are doing in Canada or atleast in Manitoba, and Marie
fill us in on what they do in Sweden.
Looking forward to y'alls answers,
Jerry Murray, DVM
Dallas, Texas