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From: Flemming Farms
Date: 2001-04-02 18:03:00 UTC
Subject: Coughing

Speaking of upper resperatory infections and the 'flu . . . .

A friend of mine has some ferrets that have a nagging cough. They seem to
get better and then it comes back. He has tried amoxi and it has only
helped when they were on the amoxi (for 10 days I think). He has not put
them back on it as he is afraid their systems will become immune to it. It
is *all* of his ferrets (about 10 or so). New ones he introduces come down
with it (I have warned him about introducing new ones but he seems to not
care). But these are not new ones that are in contact with them - he has
them in a cage that is near (but not touching so they can spread it that
way) the other ferrets' cages. So it appears it is airborne. His vet says
their chest sounds "clear" and if they have a nasal discharge his vet says
it looks normal (not an infection). But he just can't get his ferrets to
shake it. Any ideas?

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