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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-04-03 00:33:00 UTC
Subject: TN Panel

Do you remember that I promised to let you know about the boy who
scored in normal ranges on his TN panel? His symptoms get worse and
blood tests also indicated his insulin was bit too high, so instead
of repeating the TN panel the vets went in on him. (This is
Jumpstart who had surgery on Friday and is recovering nicely.) There
was a benign adrenal tumor (as well as a section of pancreatic
hyperplasia though not yet an insulinoma, and those intriguing
furballs we recently discussed). The adrenal growth was an early
one, so if they had gone in when we first saw the foot fur thinning
they likely would not have found it which means that the TN panel was
useful for that reason. It also means, though, that if symptoms
persist it may not make sense to assume that a clean TN panel weeks
or longer before is any indication to not think " possible adrenal".