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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-04-03 01:30:00 UTC
Subject: Jumper's little bottle

Jumpstart continues to eat like a pig from his little bottle with the
clipped-off end, but has eaten only one small bowl of food from a
bowl. Hey, it's not at all forcing, he likes it, he doesn't gag on
it, he doesn't cough from it, and it works. He's just been through
major surgery. Who am I to argue with what works for him? It will be
good when he's self-feeding, though, and I do wish he'd stop standing
up on two legs and trying to be so active till his stitches heal

In relation to syringe feeding, I think that many syringes simply do
not offer good enough control so too much may come out too forcefully
or a person can't time for breathing. There are some droppers that
have accordian pleat clown-heads and wide openings that offer far
better control. That said, they get used here ONLY as a LAST RESORT
in an individual who would not normally be terminal. They are item
#67032 Dr. Clown 1 tsp. "spoon-dropper" from Apothecary Products,
Inc. in Minneapolis, which sells to many pharmacies and pharmacy
chains. We have given them to shelters, too, and heard praise from
those for the degree of control they provide.