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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-04-03 02:46:00 UTC
Subject: How to view file attachments

In my experience, if someone asks, someone else is wondering quietly.
For those of you who've been around, forgive the review.

If you are on digest and see the note [This message contained
attachments] as is seen at the bottom of post #7 in digest #104.
There was no attachment. People almost always make reference to the
attached picture so you can sort of tell in context. In this case
Chris is probably using outlook express and writing in something
called "rich text" that yahoo doesn't know how to deal with so it
just sticks all the formatting into a file that gets erased.

If the post makes reference to an attachment "here are the pictures
of Spanky's pemphigus" and you want to see that. You need to go to
this address

click on messages, then find that post by title and date or you can
do a search of posts for Spanky or pemphigus and the picture will
show up right in the post. This eliminates any risk to your computer
from downloading files.

For those of you getting individual emails for each post. The file
really is attached. Be aware there is some degree of risk associated
with downloading files from people you don't know and make sure your
anti-virus software has been updated each month. Mcafee and Norton
both stay ahead in the virus game, so if you are running one of those
programs and doing frequent updates to it over the web you have no

Forgive the commercial interuption!