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From: Steve Austin
Date: 2001-04-03 01:51:00 UTC
Subject: Re: adrenal problem?

I don't know if it reading this list too much, or just bad luck, but I
think my boy is having early signs of adrenal disease.
I am posting here because I am hoping for reassurance that this may be
something else.
If it looks like a possible adrenal I will bring him with me on my trip
to Maryland this month, and he will see Dr. Weiss.

He seems healthy, about 2 year old MF ferret, got him at a pet store with
his buddy in March 2000. They brought in ECE, but seem healthy, and were
in an aquarium with cedar shavings for a few months before I bought
them. He is eating, playing, and seems o.k., maybe a little bit of
piddling around the room, but another male does this too. Just leaves
little puddles of urine around.
Sometimes his prepuce looks a little red, but only for a little bit.
He is shedding and I noted very sparse hair, even balding right at the
base of the tail and a bit around the rump.
The other odd thing is that his skin has an orange flaky look to it with
little short broken (?) hairs in that area, only all along the spine from
the tail to the neck. None of the other 9 ferrets have this, I tried to
get a pic of it.
I did wet the fur to brush it to show the fur loss, it isn't too obvious
yet, just appears to be no undercoat hairs. He is shedding, and last week
coughing, choking (once), but no hairball seen,and pooping normal.

For my future reference is it o.k. to post the pics in my e-mail as
attachments, or do you prefer I put them on the web site. I am not on
the internet most of the time, I just get the FHL as individual e-mails
and post to them as I see fit.

Thanks for the input.

p.s. I snuck in the one of him just so everyone can see how cute he is :)

Attachment 55k (image/jpeg) Bear.JPG

Attachment 45k (image/jpeg) Bear's rear.JPG

Attachment 38k (image/jpeg) Bear's skin.JPG