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From: Pam Sessoms
Date: 2001-04-03 10:46:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] A few health questions on my

Haven't seen this one answered yet - please anyone else jump in where I'm

Dianna wrote:

> The vet did mention that when I bring him in next month, that she
> would give him the 3rd Distemper shot and rabies shot at the same
> time. Is that correct? I thought they had to be separated? Would this
> cause a problem if he does get them at the same time?

Usually what I hear is that it's a good idea to separate them so that *in
case* there is a reaction, you will know which one caused it, so you can
plan accordingly for the next time. When my guys were younger, they got
distemper and rabies shots at the same time with no problem, but if I had
anyone vaccinated now, I'd certainly separate them. I don't know if
giving them together in any way increases the chances of a reaction.

> Also, unfortunately he does have Coccidia. He is on .5 ml of Albon for
> the next ten days. I was told he probably got it from his mother. Is
> this a reoccuring problem with ferrets? Is there anything I should do
> to make sure it doesn't come back?

Yes, I think it can come back if there are oocytes (found in infected
poop) in the environment (it's a fecal-oral transmission thing). I think
the best thing is to be *really* careful about cleaning up litter pans and
poop. Seems like I've even heard of some folks getting completely new
litter pans or running them through the dishwasher to lessen the chance of
it coming back.

> And finally, I've noticed that whenever he wakes up, he doesn't use
> his back legs at first. When I open the cage door for play time, h! e
> kinds of falls out of his hammock. For the first minute or so, he
> slithers (can't think ! of a better word) around. Kinda like a snake.
> Is this normal? He hops and plays around fine though.

:-) Now THAT sounds like a perfectly normal, happy, fur snake. It's
hilarious when they do that, isn't it? *plunk* out of the hammock, long
exaggerated stretch and yawn, slither around for a few moments... They're
just weird little mopheads sometimes.

Disclaimer about me not being a vet and to take the advice of any vets
over me goes here...

Best wishes,

-Pam S.