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From: Linda Iroff
Date: 2001-04-03 11:55:00 UTC
Subject: Lupron as preventative

Dr. Murray wrote:
> I current suggest Lupron if only one adrenal gland is removed to help
> protect the remaining gland

Can you tell me how you use it, ie dosage and formulation, frequency
ofinjections, etc?

I have 2 ferrets, ages 3 and 4, who just had their left adrenals removed 2
1/2 weeks ago. The rights were so small as to be difficult to even find.
Even Buttons left was only slightly enlarged, but he started growing fur
back within a few days! Cookie's symptoms were less, her left larger, but
no new fur yet.

Interestingly, their symptoms started at the same time and progressed the
same until December when Cookie grew some fur back. Shows there may be
little correlation between how long symptoms have been present, severity of
symptoms, and size of adrenals.

Linda Iroff
Oberlin OH