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Date: 2001-02-18 19:21:00 UTC
Subject: Laxatone Nightmare

Hi Chris and thanks for starting this new group for us ferretlovers.

All nine of my kids LOVE Laxatone but the expense is an issue
with me right now as I have several "Laxatone junkies". One of my
boys would use a straw to suck it out of the tube if he could, and
another would have a Laxtone IV if he could find the medical supplies.
I use a combination of vaseline AND Ferretone mixed together.
You can't nuke it the microwave as there is no fat in the vaseline. I
place a heat proof plastic container inside a glass and place that
into some warm water that is being heated on the stove.
After a while, say 3-4 minutes, the vaseline begins to soften and I
mix Ferretone with it.
Put in enough Ferretone so they will taste it. The combination
of both ingredients mixes into a creamy consistancy. They love it! It
hasn't been turned down yet. BTW use ONLY the pure form of vaseline
without all the additives. It's ALOT less expensive than a tube of
Laxatone. Good Luck and let us know of your outcome.