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From: TIA E
Date: 2001-04-03 13:19:00 UTC
Subject: Thank You for the wonderful group

Thank You again for the wonderful group . Wish we would have found it earlier . After 3 great years one of our babies just got sick over night and died . Until finding the group we had no knowledge that the little guys could get hypoglycemic . He went to bed normal and was fine , ate fine , no fecal or urinary problems . Next day he just layed down and when he wouldn't get up after a few searched the net and found your group . We were doing everything recommended , gave him syrup and he perked up, hand fed him chicken baby food , and fluids , he ate well . But within a few hours later he had lost all motor skills and could not see . Few hours later he was gone . Whether the shock from his sugar going too low or damage was too great from short time before administering syrup , or he just never felt sick before and gave up we'll will never know . Glad this group was here to explain a few symptoms and health problems and that we did the right things .
Thank You again
T and B and family,

[Moderators Note: On behalf of the entire FHL, our hearts go out to you. Hugs and ferret kisses]