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Date: 2001-04-03 12:35:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Digest Number 93/Dodie on TF Older

Question #1. Neither corn nor rice will cause crystals per se.
The urine pH
is the main determinant. Meat based foods will cause the
development of a
more acidic urine than a vegetable based food. Meat proteins have a
proportion of sulfur containing amino acids which, when metabolized,
create an acidic urine. This keeps any uralite crystals in solution
prevents them from forming and causing blockage. The vegetable
based foods
containing soy flour or other vegetable proteins have less sulfur
amino acids
and when metabolized will cause higher urine pH and the
precipitation of the
urilite crystals. The corn and rice flour in Totally Ferret is in
excess of
85% digestible and in small quantities when compared to the chicken,
egg and
fat levels. Rice flour is more digestible than corn and that is why
it is in
higher quantities than the corn.
Question #2. Reducing the protein in a healthy carnivore will not
the kidney from kidney dysfunction. If a ferret or cat or dog for
matter has a dysfunctioning kidney then the therapy is to reduce the
level of
metabolites going through the kidney. See DR Murray's postings last
week to
review the mechanism.
Question #3. Yes, Activity defines age more than age. Totally
Ferret for
older ferrets contains 15% less fat than the Active. However, on a
per gram
basis the Older diet contains more high quality protein plus
vitamins and
minerals than does the Active.
DR Tom Willard