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Date: 2001-04-03 13:23:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Digest Number 102/Michael on corn

See my previous postings on rice and corn. Corn per se is neither
good nor
bad regarding a ferrets if it is less than 10% by weight of the diet
and the
diet is a tested and proven ferret food which contains 85% quality
protein. If you are not sure ask the manufacturer. The protein
required for
most active ferrets without physiological problems is 35 to 37% and
a fat
level of 20 to 24%. The fiber should be less than 2% and the
less than 25%. This will leave a moisture of approximately of 10%
and ash of
6 to 8%. At least 85% of the protein (85% of the 35 to 37%) should
be from
quality animal protein sources such as chicken by product meal,
chicken by
products, eggs, liver, chicken or poultry. Corn, rice, barley,
etc., are carbohydrates and if less than 25% of the diets generally
is not of
concern. I realize that many people do not understand how to
calculate this
but if in doubt ask the manufacturer to tell you the proportion of
each of
the six major categories, protein, fat, fiber, ash, moisture and
carbohydrates. The protein and fat source should be the main source
concentration if these other categories are in the above proportion.
away from cat foods and even ferret foods that list soy flour, corn
meal (this is not the same as corn it is a concentrated form of corn
which ferrets cannot digest efficiently. Concentrate on the level of
protein and not the carbohydrate level if it is a quality food.
DR Tom Willard