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Date: 2001-04-03 11:20:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] distemper vaccination Q

Hi - Why not just vaccinate with Galaxy-D? I give a large number of
vaccinations every year, since I am a breeder, and have never had a reaction
from Galaxy-D or from Fromm-D before it. Cross my fingers. No need to
pre-medicate with Benedryl. I know there doubtless have been reactions, but
not much. Fervac does have a high reaction rate, doubtless much more than is
reported here and on other lists because so many ferret owners are not on
computer. Several of my ferrets have had reactions from Fervac in their
adopted homes and three have died due to allergic reaction. I now require
that my ferrets be only vaccinated with Galaxy-D.
The exception to this, is to breeders or individuals who show in AFA shows
because they only accept Fervac. I know many have differing opinions on
this, and that is fine. But to me - it is not worth the risk - period.

BTW, anyone who gives vaccinations at home should keep both Benedryl and
Epinephrine on hand as well as prednisone - just in case. Cheers, Meg

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<< I've been reading about people's concerns about distemper reactions
and had a thought (more a question). Some have said that reactions
are do to a build up of the vaccine in the ferret's system. Well, I
was wondering what would happen if you alternated Galaxy and Fervac
every year. Would the "build up" be the same regardless of
alternating the two or could it reduce the chances of reactions?

Just an uneducated thought :-)

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