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Date: 2001-02-25 17:15:00 UTC
Subject: On again,off again adrenal

This is something I've never come across,maybe someone else has seen
this.Sugar,who was two at the time,lost her fur last summer,June, and
her vulva was swollen.A month later her fur grew back and the
swelling went away.She was normal for 6 months,then in Dec. she again
was swollen,and was losing fur,though not much.I thought surgery,and
the vet agreed,but just as I went to make an appointment, her fur is
coming back and the swelling is going down.She had a Tenn panel in
June that was negative for adrenal.Don't know if this has any
bearing,but it is history.She has had on and off diarrhea for about a
year,just a couple of days every so often.She's been treated for
every known reason for diarrhea practically.This is also clearing up
now.The only difference is the whole business is getting Nupro
supplement now.Is this just a passing phase? What do you
think,surgery or wait? I was going to have her intestines biopsied
for the persistant diarrhea,but that seems to not be necessary
now.I've had one swell up, and then go away and come back six months
later.That ferret never lost her fur.I've never had one make it so
difficult to decide on surgery or not.I'd hate to have an unnecessary
procedure done.She's been your typical hyperactive ferret through all
of this,more so than my others.Thanks for any input on this.