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Date: 2001-04-03 08:44:00 UTC
Subject: Big Baby Boy

Hello to All,

I have 4 fuzzies, all are very heavy. I took them in for a combination visit
to the vet this morining. Two needed their first shots. The other two
needed to be introduced to the new vet.

I have a 5 month old big boy. He hit the scales at 3 pounds. The vet is a
little concerned about him. In Dec. He came to the store where I am
employed. Underweight, weak, unable to eat, barely walking. At the time, I
was always concerned he may not make it through the night.

I got him, took him to the vet, they prescribed antibiotics for a respiratory
problem. He barely weighed anything on the scale.

The vet does not want him to gain another ounce. He does play. I sometimes
wonder if he will get stuck in the tubes :). His personality has always been
laid back and calm. He never causes any trouble. They (4 Ferrets) have their
own room. I do things every couple of weeks to keep them stimulated. He
plays, eats, and relaxes. She told me to get him a little more active. He
doesn't care to be kept up from his naps. He will appease be by dancing
momentarily and then darting to the suitcase they sleep in.

Their diets consist of Kibble mostly. I tried the natural diet. But, that
turned into the need for a habittrail :). I are fed MF, mixed with Nutro
kitten, sometimes boiled chicken, Sheppard and Greene, Zupreem, and Totally
Ferret is being mailed. They are not very picky eaters. I have stopped with
treats on a regular basis. They may average 2 or 3 bandits every one to two
days. All of them are very healthy. My concern is my Big Baby Boy. My
other boy is 3 months at 2.25 but he is muscle toned. Not cuddly as Beema
(Big Baby Boy).

Could I possibly get some other advise or ways I could get him in better
shape? If he contiues to gain. The vet stated we would have to come up with
something. They all have food available along with continuous water. Any
information and advise would be greatly appreciated. I strive to have the

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

The Booker Gang