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Date: 2001-04-03 10:28:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Digest Number 94/Obesity from
Patric in Raleigh

Thank you Dr. Willard for this information.

I will not giving any of them any more Nutro Kitten food. I had ordered some
Totally Ferret Food a couple of days ago. I was going to switch them to
this. As I was sitting down thinking. Would it harm him if I put him on a
schedule of sleep and exercise? I was thinking of letting him have more time
outside of the room to peak his interest to wander around the house more.
Then playing in the room. If this would stimulate him longer periods of
walking time. When he does have free roam, he usually will go back to the
door to go back in with his roommates after 30 minutes.

I have to take 2 back to the vet in 3 weeks for their 2nd Distemper. Do you
think I have a chance of getting some weight down or that would be too
drastic for his health. He's such a cuddlier. The problem is when you look
at him, his demeanor is so soothing, a teddybear look. I understand
something has to change for him to be health for a long time. Should I worry
about any underlying conditions? The weight could put a hamper on his
system. Cardio, blood, and neuro systems. Do you feel I should ask for any
additional test to be done. Or just do the basic stimulation now? I want
what is best for them.

Thank you again,
Booker and the Gang