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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-02-25 18:12:00 UTC
Subject: Live Mice?

As long as the whole BARF issue is out here. I have seen/read
etc all the arguements about the "benefits" if feeding live
mice for nutrition and "stimulation". I have no "moral" issue
with it and have fed live prey to animals who DO need it. (per
working with exotic rescue)
I am also NOT referring to chicken gravies, eggs or things
like that... strictly the live mouse issue.
But on the whole ferret/mouse issue, no matter what I read
about the benefits... two main questions stick out in my mind.
1. Nutritional value. I have trouble believing a mouse has
sufficent meat protein and fat levels for a ferret, nor do I
know of any mutelids whose "natural" diet is mice. IF you were
going to feed live/fresh prey... wouldn't animals like
chickens or rabbits be more beneficial nutritionaly speaking
and closer to a "natural" food source?
2. Does the Domestic Ferret *really* need the "thrill of the
hunt" to be stimulated and/or psychologically satisfied? Mine
seem to be plenty stimulated and challenged with the stuffed
mice, toys, playtime and interaction I provide them. I go out
of my way to find things like baby crib toys to attach to
their cages and switch them around and this seems to provide a
lot of stimulating activity.

I am not against BARF or live feeding etc .... I just need to
be convinced the animal needs it for nutritional or
psychological reasons... and I have yet to be convinced that
the Domestic Ferret does.
Opinions? Thoughts?