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From: Christine Bertch
Date: 2001-04-03 15:00:00 UTC
Subject: More on long term gerber/AD feeding--please help

Hello all,
I posted about a week ago on my ferret, Benji (who has insulinoma),
and only eats a special liquid diet and the possible nutritional
deficiencies he might have. Dr. Willard was the only one who responded
specifically and said that his symptoms might indicate a biotin or other
vitamin deficiency. What I would like to clarify is that he will NOT eat a
kibble mix diet, he is very sensitive about any diet changes. I am trying
to add a very small amount of kibble into his mix, but I do not think I will
be able to add very much before he notices and does not eat. I usually mix
his food in batches of about 350-400mls. How much kibble would I have to
add to make a nutritional difference? Benji does also get some Ferretone at
night, and a small piece of banana during the day. He has been on this diet
about 1.5 years now and has not had any hypoglycemic episodes that I know
of. What is in his diet (again) is: Gerber's chicken baby food, Hill's A/D,
water, canned 8-1 ferret food, Select Care feline development canned (this
is a prescription food for young cats, not a store brand), and some
Nutrical. I have noticed a slight yellow tinge to his fur down his back and
on his face. Also I have noticed baldness on the bottoms of his feet and
some thinning hair above his tail (both sides) and the tops of his back feet
(I'm thinking adrenal with this type of hair loss though?).
Anyone with more advice is welcome to share, I'm trying to give him
what is best without stressing him out.

Christine and Benji