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Date: 2001-04-03 13:19:00 UTC
Subject: Rabies and distemper vaccination separation

In a message dated 4/3/01 6:58:23 PM,

<< that she
> would give him the 3rd Distemper shot and rabies shot at the same
> time. Is that correct? I thought they had to be separated? >>

I had talked to Dr. Zak Mills at Rhone Merieux, the IMRAB-3 manufacturer. I
believe he was part of the group who did the testing. He was quite adamant
about separating the two vaccines and sent me a FAX to distribute to vets and
to post.

Here is what he sent:

Although vaccine reactions in ferrets associated with the administration of
currently available canine distemper and rabies vaccines are very rare, they
can be very serious. Anaphylaxis, with severe diarrhea and collapse can
occur with any biological agent. Because of this, Rhone Merieux believes
that any vaccination should be performed under the supervision of a licensed

In order to reduce the potential for an allergic reaction, Dr. Mills
recommends administration of rabies and distemper vaccinations at separate
time intervals. He suggests a minimum of two (2) weeks between each
vaccination. Should a ferret show symptoms of an allergic reaction to any
vaccination the owner/veterinarian should weigh the benefits against the risk
of any future inoculations. If the decision is to have vaccine administered,
the owner should make sure the veterinarian is aware of the previous
reaction. The veterinarian will likely premedicate the ferret prior to a
vaccination. Afterwards, the ferret should be kept at the veterinarian's
office for observation for the remainder of the day.<<

Dick B.