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From: Mother Mannix
Date: 2001-04-03 18:55:00 UTC
Subject: very sick Ferret Please Help

My 1 1/2 year old female fuzzie went to the vet today and I
still don't have a definite answers... I took her in for
having no energy lifeless so to speak and not eating or
drinking... her hind legs were falling out behind her this
morning... they did tests.. they though diabetes or
insolinoma(not sure of the spelling) the urine came back like
this.... Cloudy, dark, blood +++, protein100 +++, Bilirubin
large+++ ketones neg, glucose, neg... so now she is saying
kidney problems maybe., but wouldn't go into detail until the
blood panel came back... I have her home and have to force
feed her and she looks terrible.. can you give me your opinion
on what to ask and what it sounds like it could also be if it
isn't her kidneys and what else to look for.... he spleen was
normal in size also
she is on antibiotics and nutrical and AD food force fed...

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