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From: Christopher
Date: 2001-02-25 19:24:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Go to the polls

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> > If you visit us on site, please take a minute to go to the polls.
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> <<We don't have enough responses on the ADV TESTING poll yet to
> establish a trend. But it is interesting to note 44% of us have
> tested. 44% of us tested our ferrets once. 11% of us test yearly.
> This poll is anonymous.>>
> Chris...most of us that do test, do it more than once a year. You
> might want to add that to your poll if it isn't too late or include
> it in your next one.

What's ADV? 1 2.33%
Never tested 20 46.51%
Tested once 13 30.23%
Test every two years 0 0.00%
Test yearly 9 20.93%

First, I'm so glad you are posting! I feel as if I know you
personally through White Russian's web page.

Now, I'd have to beg to differ with you. Think we can safely assume
that anyone who tests more than annually would choose the test yearly
catagory from those provided. In that case, no most of us who test,
test once, at least that is what the poll says thus far. We test, we
get one negative, and we say, "I"m clean" and we forget about it...
I'm not saying this is right... I will consider restarting the poll
to include two and three times a year or more. The poll will reset at
that point. Lets see what kind of talk this stirs up first.

I do find it encouraging that we've only had one "what's ADV?" That
is what I was actually looking for when I set it up. I am blown away
to know that Half of us have never tested. But what I really wanted
to know was how many people had no clue.

Thanks again for joining us! We need people like you who work so
diligently to get the ADV word out. The poll says to me we are doing
just that.