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From: Kate Ball
Date: 2001-04-02 20:38:00 UTC
Subject: Re:Charlie....unable to eat solid foods...scratching
alot...advice please

Was Charlie's exploratory done by a ferret-knowledgeable vet (did they find
both adrenals during the procedure)? If so, and they were both normal,
adrenal disease would be ruled out, but the itching & sparse coat sure makes
you suspicious... Anyway, on to the eating problem - if totally blended
food (like baby food) is all that he'll eat, then that is what I'd give him
- hopefully as time goes on and his digestive troubles (tarry stools) clear
up, he'll begin to eat some kibble. Now - the tarry stools and the history
of a large hairball being removed make me suspect ulcers. I would probably
start him on carafate (need a prescription) to coat and protect the ulcers
so they can heal, and also probably some antibiotics (for Helicobacter -
like amoxi +/- metronidazole). Hope this helps!
Kate Ball DVM
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