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Date: 2001-04-04 04:46:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret is still grinding his teeth

Hello FHL,

I have a ferret that had IBD for several months, was on all the
protocols of
meds and finally the problem resolved by feeding him the dreaded
I've added Science Diet for Sensitive Stomachs in the hopes of
weaning him
off the Friskies. Now his stool his normal but he began grinding his
when eating. We put him on the ulcer protocol of Biaxin and Amoxi
Carafate. It has been 17 days and it hasn't made a difference. He
has never
has black, tarry stools so I've decided to discontinue that
treatment. I've
started giving him Pepto(1cc) twice a day. First dose didn't do
anything, but
I'll keep trying. My vet is wondering if he could have a floating
hairball in
his stomach. She suggested a Barium x-ray, but I've heard they only
something a small percentage of the time. What are my other
options? Should
we do a biopsy of the intestine, since maybe the discomfort could be
from there? Since the "stomach" treatments haven't worked, I figure
maybe the
intestines could still be the problem.