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From: Divide Home Owners Association
Date: 2001-04-04 10:51:00 UTC
Subject: Does anyone have info on Anemia

My name is Deidre and I have been rescuing and adopting ferrets for 20
years. I currently have 7, one who seems to be very sick. His name is Oliver
and I believe (hard to tell when you are the 3rd owner) he is around 5 years
old. Oliver had adrenal surgery 1 1/2 years ago and has been doing well
until recently. Oliver was unable to pee or poop so I took him to a new vet
as my vet of 15 years retired. New vet sent me home with cepha drops for a
bladder infection. I did state to this vet that I wondered if it didn't have
something to do with his adrenal gland i.e., maybe a problem with his
prostate, he did not think so. I took Oliver in again because while he was
peeing and pooping, they were small. He sent us home with baytril stating
this would specifically help his prostate and also gave us zantac thinking
his lack of eating was due to nausea. Two days later I took Oliver to a
small animal specialist in my valley and after blood work discovered his was
in kidney failure. Oliver stayed in the hospital on an IV for 3 1/2 days, I
took him home 2 days ago. After all that the real question is, this
specialist stated Oliver clinically looked better but didn't look better and
was anemic. I have been syringe feeding Oliver a mix of a/d and a kidney
helping type of wet food, Oliver does love to eat and is taking this food
quite well. He is still lathargic but I believe this is due to the anemia.
Is there anything I can do to help with his anemia, I love this little
critter and want to do whatever I can. Thank you!