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Date: 2001-04-04 12:54:00 UTC
Subject: Diet for emaciated ferret

I would like to post a question to the vets as to what they suggest
for a diet for ferrets that come into shelters that are nothing but
skin and bones. We recently took in 2 Marshall Farm ferrets that are
3 years old that their owner was feeding junk food to. These ferrets
obviously have adrenal disease as they are also almost furless. The
prior owners could not remember what kinds of food they had been
feeding. We tried quite a mixture of foods, but they won't eat any of
the food. They have now developed ulcers and are being treated for
that. We are feeding a soup mixture of a/d, Dyne, Nupro vitaman
supplement, rice cereal to thicken the soup and water. They have
gained some weight, but was wondering if there are any suggestions
that might help?